Loch Garten nestles in the Caledonian pinewood of Abernethy Forest in the Scottish highlands. The female osprey 'EJ' is there again this year and the  entire breeding season is streaming live on the internet.

►Streaming Video, Broadcasting Live Content
Using Flash/H264, Carnyx Wild offer the facility to broadcast live high definition video & audio to an unlimited number of subscribers. The system & setup is designed for both short & long-term projects. By encoding via a dedicated on-site computer, the streams can be upgraded to embrace the next generation of interactive media applications.
It  can include the display of additional information, such as local weather or blogs & rolling news about sightings at the reserve.

►What do viewers see?
There are three options for the viewer.
1/    They can click on a link & have the video play on their desktop.
2/    The video player can be contained on its own page within the customers' website.
3/   Carnyx Wild can supply a "readymade" page containing all the customers’ requirements.

►DVR & Video On Demand
DVR offers the viewer an immediate opportunity to watch activity over the previous hour. Additional VOD features allow the subscriber to watch the previous day in its entirety.

A computer and video encoder are installed at the point of transmission. This will be connected to the internet via a broadband connection. This computer can be added to an existing network. If the computer is in a protected network, the system can pull the video stream securely through the network firewall. Cameras can be connected using copper wire of fibre optic cable. We offer conventional wireless or satellite transmission for truly remote or inaccessible locations.

The feed is processed by Carnyx Wild and distributed to the World Wide Web as required (see the live examples linked to on this page).  Once installed, the computer is accessed remotely. It can be programmed/re-booted via this method, without attendance on site.

For further information contact:     production@carnyx.tv




The New Forest in Hampshire plays host to a truly wild pair of breeding goshawks and later in the season a pair of hobbies. The live video is initially transmitted via satellite to the Carnyx serverst, before reaching the internet.




The RSPB reserve at South Stack, Anglesey is famous for Guillemots, and Puffins. This year we have a camera deep inside a sea cave on a Chough nest and a rare glimpse into the breeding season of a Razorbill.




2013 and the Peregrines are once again nesting on the spire at Chichester Cathedral. One of the most successful monitored nests in the UK. This year we have been able to include live audio from the nest.



This year working with RSPB, Forestry Commission, New Forest National Park Authority, BBC Live Events.
Carnyx Wild is part of Carnyx Films. Based in The New Forest, Hampshire, Carnyx Films produce natural history programming for broadcasters
operate a comprehensive Film, Video & Audio Database including New Forest wildlife, past and present.